25th Anniversary


In 2023 the Area Performance celebrates its 25 years of activity.

On this page you will find all the initiatives related to this anniversary:


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Unique Works from the Lucca Comics & Games Festival 2023:

The beautiful original works you will find were created in November 2023 to celebrate 25 years of Area Performance at the international Lucca Comics & Games festival. Each work is a testimony to the talent and creativity of great artists who have come together for a charity project. Added to these are those created during the Weekend Art Party at the Hotel Guinigi last summer.

By participating in this auction, you will not only have the chance to win a unique work signed by a great author, but you will also help support these 2 projects:

– the Emergency project linked to emergency support and rescue in the Mediterranean Sea.
– a fund established by the Tuscany region to help people affected by the latest natural disaster linked to bad weather.


The Artist Playground of Lucca Comics & Games celebrates
at the Grand Hotel Guinigi in his 30s.

We will celebrate our twenty-five years of activity with a first major event on the weekend of 8 and 9 July, a real “art party”.

The Grand Hotel Guinigi in Lucca opens its splendid doors and will be the setting for a unique and unmissable event for all art and culture enthusiasts. On the occasion of the thirty years of activity of the hotel and the XXV Anniversary of the Performance Area – also renamed the Artist Playground of Lucca Comics & Games – an exclusive celebration will take shape that will unite these two very important goals, to be celebrated together.

The event will take place on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 July, in a relaxed and relaxed context. It will be an extraordinary opportunity to get to know and see the artists who have made the history of Area Performance at work and to find yourself in a comfortable environment, different from the usual, but with the same spirit that characterizes what Karl Kopinski defines as the “playground of artists” usually set up inside the Carducci pavilion.

Among the guests of this “Weekend Art Party”: Sergio Algozzino, Paolo Barbieri, Federico Bertolucci, Simone and Giampaolo Bianchi, David Bigotti, Ivan Cavini, Candida Corsi, Livia De Simone, Marco Di Grazia, Paola Fiorentino, Riccardo Innocenti, Cristiana Leone , Emanuele Manfredi, Silena Moni, Angelo Montanini, Andrea Musso, Francesco Natali, Alberto Pagliaro, Beatrice Pelagatti, Andrea Pesi, Rita Petruccioli, Andrea Piparo, Caterina Rocchi, Enrico Simonato, Cristiano Soldatich, Marco Soresina, Melissa Spandri, Fabrizio Spadini, Martina Volandri, Antonello Venditti and many other friends.

The public will have the opportunity to see the live performances of the artists and to meet them in person. It will be an opportunity to immerse yourself in art, appreciate the creations and discover new talents in the elegant halls of the Grand Hotel Guinigi. The works created during the celebratory period will be exhibited at the hotel during Lucca Comics & Games 2023 (1 – 5 November) and then donated by the artists for a charity auction organized by the Area Performance Association to finance solidarity projects (Dynamo Camp , Emergency, Pediatric Ward Lucca Hospital, Pulmino della Pace, scholarships for The Sign Academy as well as contributions for COVID emergencies).

The party will begin on Saturday 8 July at 18:30, the guests of the Area Performance ONLUS Association, together with the beneficiaries and donors, will be welcomed by the Grand Hotel Guinigi, the magical place where many of them have stayed over the years. An excellent representative of Italian hospitality and of the characteristic know-how of quality Italian cuisine, it will once again host the magic of art and the fantastic.

Here is the gallery of the event: