Balance Sheets

Balance Sheets 2010-2022

The association’s balance sheet is annual and decorated from January 1st to December 31st of each year. The final balance contains all the income and expenses relating to the one-year period, is prepared by the Board of Directors and approved by the agreement with the combination of those present, by April 30 of each year. Within the month of December of each year, the Board of Directors must submit all the approval of the Assembly of Members to the budget for the following year.

It is forbidden to distribute, even indirectly, any operating surpluses as well as funds, reserves or capital during the association. The profits or operating surpluses will be totally reinvested in the association for the realization of the institutional activities. The association may, including for self-financing and non-profit purposes, carry out the marginal economic activities referred to in Ministerial Decree Of 25/5/1995.