Area Performance Regulation

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The history of the Area Performance Onlus

Before becoming a non-profit organization, appreciated and recognized by an international audience, the Area Performance was born as a privileged space of interaction between artists within the well-known Lucca Comics & Games event, an autumn event that for over half a century has been celebrating the illustration and the visual arts in their plurality.

It was 1998, when a group of artists, in particular Rick Berry, Phil Hale and Gerald Brom, thought to gather in a live collective performance during the festival, giving life to a unique moment of spontaneous painting that immediately drew the attention of the public, which since then repeats itself every year, with increasingly crowded groups of onlookers and enthusiasts.

What are the aims of Area Performance

1) Contribute in spreading the culture of fantasy art and comics by introducing its major exponents through a live exhibition.

2) Increase the perception of its value through a beneficial auction operation aimed at putting collectors’ investment in a virtuous circle with the financing of charitable activities.

3) Financing local, national and international associations by optimizing the economic yield of the sale of the original paintings donated by the authors to the Association.

These bodies and associations are decided by the management board of the AP association that every year meets in the full discretion of the association and of the will expressed by the members, who chooses them based on the projects received or submitted by the members themselves. We try to favor projects that are based on criteria linked to values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are essential for the ONLUS Performance Area such as:

  • Attention to the world of childhood.
  • Enhancement of art.
  • Support for weak and / or disadvantaged categories.

4) Contribute over time to the creation of a solid market of fantasy art and comics, enhancing the work of artists while respecting the cultural mission of Lucca Comics & Games.

Who can participate to the Performance Area

Can participate to the Area:

1) professional artists guests of the event.

2) artists who have purchased an original sales space.

3) artists who participated in the previous editions, after confirming their presence with the organization.

4) artists presented by at least two artists admitted to the area.

5) debutant and professional artists after sending the portfolio to the organization in the months preceding the festival.

6) artists with portfolios that appear on the first day of the festival and who will be given free slots.

How to participate to the Performance Area

1) Contacting the project managers by email:

2) By asking two artists admitted to the Area to present their candidacy.

3) Directly at the event (see point 6 of the paragraph “Who can participate …”)

What does it mean to participate to the performance area

The artist who decides to participate in AP undertakes to create an original work, performing live and donating the work created to the Association. Theme and subject are free, as it is the choice of the technique of execution. The association provides the artist with materials (supports and colors) to make the work, but the artist is free to use his own. In any case, no financial reimbursement is foreseen for the artist or for the expenses incurred by him in making the piece.

Area Performance undertakes, once received the original, to use it as a tool to finance its activities in the most effective way, maximizing the profit so as not to damage the author’s market value. At the same time, participation in the performance does not give the artist any right to decide how to sell the image, which will be used by the Association in the most suitable way for the purposes of the same.

Participating in the Area Performance at the fair does not guarantee exhibiting the work nor does it guarantee sales at one of the auctions at the fair. The association reserves the right to decide the methods of sale in auction and / direct sale of the works. It also has the right to transfer the works to private individuals or other entities in the context of cultural activities related to the aims of the association.

The artist renounces to any economic right to exploit the image, but receives from the Association the guarantee that the transfer of the image concerns the sole possession of the same and prevents any commercial use of the image.

The artist, by crediting the Area Performance, can publish and print the work in his artistic publications, artbooks and the like.

The artist can communicate to the association its market equivalent for the work on an informative level, but will not receive any guarantee that this amount of money is used as a minimum auction or direct sale price.