The 2013 auction breaks all records

Lucca Games, the section dedicated to the intelligent game of Lucca Comics & Games has raised 20 thousand euros to be allocated to charity. At the end of the international festival, this year, through the Performance Onlus Area, it raised funds with the auction of the original works that 20 artists from all over the world have created live: a total of 61 paintings made available to the public collecting the record figure of 20,115 euros.

In the presence of Senator Stefania Giannini, the mayor of Lucca Alessandro Tambellini, the president of Lucca Comics & Games Francesco Caredio and the coordinator of the Games area Emanuele Vietina, the chief of pediatrics dr. Raffaele Domenici has announced that thanks to the funds raised last year, a new machine will be purchased that is useful to the Lucca pediatric ward.

In addition, for the next 3 years, there will be an annual publication developed with the International Comics School of Florence of a cartoon of informed awareness “Bolliti dai bulli” (written by Manfredi Toraldo and illustrated by Laura Romiti), intended to help children.

From this year the funds raised on the basis of the activity of the artists of Lucca Games will be destined for new solidarity projects in favor of non-profit organizations and associations (scholarships or publication of educational materials), useful for raising awareness on the issues of health, energy saving and social equality.

At the invitation and reflection of Senator Giannini and Mayor Tambellini, it was stressed how important it would be that this significant proceeds be invested in actions aimed at enhancing the new talent, creating excellent opportunities for those who come from less well-off social groups.

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