The “Pirate Barbastrisce”

The Onlus Performance Area, which organizes live painting spaces every year during Lucca Comics & Games, contributed to the realization of the “Il pirata Barbastrisce” room program, thus pursuing its objectives of promoting fantastic illustration, enhancing the talent of the younger generations and the spread of culture and informed awareness among the little ones.

The illustrations created by the young artist Isabella Ahmadzadeh for “Il Pirata Barbastrisce” give face to the protagonists of a story between adventure and growth that is realized live on the stage, integrating theater, music, visual arts and dance. The interweaving of different media in the design and promotion of new artistic and cultural expressions is one of the pillars on which Lucca Comics & Games has always founded its cultural schedule: a value shared by the Performance Area and which goes perfectly with the care of the Teatro del Giglio towards the new generations and their cultural growth.

During the premiere of the show, on Saturday 19 May, some works created by the guest artists of Lucca Comics & Games 2017 will be on sale in the foyer of the theater, the proceeds will go to support Area Performance activities.