A Triumph of Generosity: The Success of the Auction at Lucca Comics & Games 2023

We are pleased to share with you an exceptional triumph of generosity and commitment that characterized the auction held on the occasion of Lucca Comics & Games 2023. Thanks to your extraordinary support, we achieved unprecedented results, raising an incredible proceeds of over 60,000 euro.

This extraordinary success is the result of the contribution of over 70 artists who have demonstrated extraordinary dedication. The enthusiasm and active participation of each of you made it possible to achieve this goal.

The activities we will support this year are:

1. “The Paediatrics Journal”
We plan to publish and distribute a comic in collaboration with the USL company. This project aims to raise public awareness on issues related to physical and mental health, particularly among young patients.

2. “Scholarship for The Sign Comics & Arts Academy”
For the next 3 years, we will offer an annual scholarship at the Florentine Academy The Sign Comics & Arts Academy. This scholarship will cover the entire three-year period of study, offering a student the opportunity to develop their artistic and marketing skills.

3. Emergency support at sea with Emergency
Part of the funds raised will be allocated to Emergency, a humanitarian organization involved in rescue work in the Mediterranean sea. This contribution will help provide vital assistance to those in dangerous situations.

4. Relief for the victims of bad weather in Tuscany
Following the emergency caused by the recent bad weather that hit our beloved Tuscan region, part of the funds will be allocated to a regional fund to help people affected by this natural disaster.

Your commitment and generosity are having a positive and lasting impact on the lives of many people. Every gesture of solidarity counts, and we are grateful to each of you who are part of our Area Performance family.