The online auction is back on Catawiki!

We are thrilled to announce that an extraordinary event will take place from 1st to 12th December: the Area Performance auction on Catawiki! 🚀

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Unique Works from the Lucca Comics & Games Festival 2023:

The beautiful original works you will find were created in November 2023 to celebrate 25 years of Area Performance at the international Lucca Comics & Games festival. Each work is a testimony to the talent and creativity of great artists who have come together for a charity project. Added to these are those created during the Weekend Art Party at the Hotel Guinigi last summer.

By participating in this auction, you will not only have the chance to win a unique work signed by a great author, but you will also help support these 2 projects:

– the Emergency project linked to emergency support and rescue in the Mediterranean Sea.

– a fund established by the Tuscany region to help people affected by the latest natural disaster linked to bad weather.

Extraordinary Artists in Auction:

Yara Abril Galan, Sergio Algozzino, Chris Ayers, Paolo Barbieri, Federico Bertolucci, Roberto Bianchi, Vanadia Cantaro, Claudio Cappellini, Ivan Cavini, Candida Corsi, Paolo D’Altan, Paola Fiorentino, Renato Florindi, Annalisa Forghieri Shivan, Giacomo Galligani, Michele Giorgi, Daniela Giubellini, Cristiana Leone, Emanuele Manfredi, Silena Moni, Angelo Montanini, Dany Orizio, Alberto Pagliaro, Beatrice Pelagatti, Andrea Pesi, Andrea Piparo, Simone Nigraz Pontieri, Fabio Porfidia, Alessia Rizzo, Davide Romanini, Andrea Sfiligoi, Cristiano Soldatich , Marco Soresina, Melissa Spandri, Franco Tempesta, Francesca Urbinati, Antonello Venditti, Mihaela Vengher, Martina Volandri.

📆 Save the Date: 1 – 12 December on Catawiki!

Don’t miss the opportunity to own a unique work of art and support a noble cause.