The Christmas auction on Catawiki ends with another record

Our “Christmas” auction on Catawiki ended on December 12th.

Another record to be added to the others, in fact, over 16,000 euro were raised with the beautiful original works created between 1st and 5th November during the community event and those created during the Weekend Art Party in July, with works sold for up to 5,101 euros as in the case of La medusa dei dragoni by Paolo Barbieri.

After the extraordinary result achieved during the pandemic, with more than 14,000 euros raised, our charity auctions are confirmed as the ideal platform to celebrate art and civilization that builds a bridge between the artist and the benefactor. Each work is a testimony to the talent and creativity of great artists who have come together to do charity.

This year the funds will be allocated to:

Relief for the victims of bad weather in Tuscany. Following the emergency caused by the recent bad weather that hit our beloved region, part of the proceeds will be allocated to a regional fund to help people affected by this natural disaster.

Emergency support at sea with Emergency. This contribution will be used by EMERGENCY’s Life Support ship to help those who risk their lives in the Mediterranean, which has for years been the most dangerous migratory route in the world: over 20,000 migrants have died or gone missing since 2014, according to the International Organization for Migration ( IOM), an average of six people per day.

The creation of the first multipurpose center of the Community of Sant’Egidio, where to collect and activate services for the poorest; services such as a canteen, laundry, bathrooms including showers, a classroom to study.

“Il Giornalino della Paediatrics” for the publication and distribution of a comic in collaboration with the Local Health Authority of Tuscany. This project aims to raise public awareness on issues related to physical and mental health, particularly among young patients.

Scholarship for “The Sign Comics & Arts Academy”. For the next 3 years, in collaboration with The Sign Comics & Arts Academy we will offer an annual scholarship to cover the entire three-year period of studies to students with an ISEE of less than 26,000 EUR. You will be offered the opportunity to develop your artistic and marketing skills.

In our 25 years we have seen the birth of incredible collaborations such as the “Musketeers of Italian Fantasy Art” (Zontini, Orizio, Parrillo, Barbieri) and the Tolkien calendar Lords for the Ring, a new project is born whose proceeds will be added to the generosity of benefactors of the auction: the Lords for Fantasy calendar, created in collaboration with Eterea Edizioni, which brings together a selection of the best works created within the space where the artists meet together (Together) to work shoulder-to-shoulder and brush- a-brush in creating new artistic contamination. The calendar can still be purchased on the publishing house website.

Thanks to all the artists who donated their talent and time, your commitment will have a concrete impact: Ivana Abbate, Yara Abril Galan, Sergio Algozzino, Chris Ayers, Paolo Barbieri, Daniele Barbugli, Marta Bertagna, Federico Bertolucci, Roberto Bianchi, Ivan Buonino, Ciruelo Cabral, Alessandro Cappuccio, Vanadia Cantaro, Claudio Cappellini, Marco Carloni, Marco Casalvieri, Ivan Cavini, Milivoj Ceran, Candida Corsi, Silvia Corso, Paolo D’Altan, Antonio De Luca, Jesper Ejsing, Paola Fiorentino, Renato Florindi, Annalisa Forghieri, Roberto Fontana, Shivan, Silvia Gadina, Giacomo Galligani, Andrea Gatta, Michele Giorgi, Daniela Giubellini, Lorenzo Giusti, Joan Grenier, Richard Kane-Ferguson, Karl Kopinski, Roman Kutienikov, Fortunata Laurenti, Jim Lee, Cristiana Leone, Emanuele Manfredi, MinaLima, Silena Moni, Angelo Montanini, Micheal Monte Moore, Dany Orizio, Alberto Pagliaro, Beatrice Pelagatti, Andrea Pesi, Andrea Piparo, Michele Poli, Simone Nigraz Pontieri, Fabio Porfidia, Chiara Riva, Alessia Rizzo, Lapo Roccella , Luis and Romulo Royo, Davide Romanini, Nigel Sade, Jacopo Schiavo, Andrea Sfiligoi, Enrico Simonato, Cristiano Soldatich, Marco Soresina, Fabrizio Spadini, Melissa Spandri, Franco Tempesta, Enzo Troiano, Francesca Urbinati, Antonello Venditti, Mihaela Vengher, Martina Volandri , Florinda Zanetti, Elia Zanoni.

Thanks to all the benefactors, every gesture of solidarity counts, we are grateful to each of you.