Nigel Sade and Sarah Wilkinson’s Masks for the mutual aid fund of the municipality of Lucca

Nigel Sade and Sarah Wilkinson have decided to donate the masks designed by them to those who will donate to the mutual aid fund of the municipality of Lucca.

The two American fantasy artists, always friends of Area Performance and great protagonists of Lucca Comics & Games, have known our city thanks to the event and since then they have fallen in love with it so much to choose it as an adoptive destination.

Hence their idea of ​​offering as a reward for all those who decide to participate in crowdfunding on Eppela, the Italian crowdfunding platform, to support the Heart of Lucca, the Mutual Aid Fund set up by the municipal administration to help people and sectors most affected by the economic effects of Coronavirus.

In a video message their greeting for our city:

Hi people of Lucca, how are you? We miss Lucca, unfortunately we are stuck here in the US for quarantine. But to feel close there was an idea: we decided to make masks with our fantasy-themed printed designs and we distributed them here in America. Then we remembered that in Lucca we had left some fabrics, so we asked our friends from Lucca Comics & Games to take them and use them to sew the masks to be donated for charity activities. We want you to be well, safely. We hope to return to Lucca as soon as possible and thanks Lucca and friends of Lucca Comics & Games

Getting masks as a reward is simple:

just click here:,

donate the amount connected to the masks and follow the instructions given to contact the distributor and collect them.

Nigel, Sarah and Lucca, a love story:

It all started in 2017, when Nigel and Sarah took part in Lucca Comics & Games, actively taking part in the activities of the Performance Area, the “playground” of Lucca Games which for over twenty years has been celebrating imaginative realism and visual arts in their plurality . They also return in 2019 and in that year they decide to make their dream come true in Lucca: to live in Italy.

The arrival of Covid-19 forces them to return to Ohio, where they are spending the quarantine, but the bond with their adopted city does not end. And that’s how Sarah invented a way to transform her art in solidarity in favor of Lucca: here the bandanas illustrated by them become washable masks, thanks to the collaboration with a group of seamstresses who is helping the two artists to satisfy the many requests received.

In Lucca solidarity widens and also involves Elena Giuli, a town in Lucca, passionate about tailoring, who has made the masks that will be distributed, via Ex-Plus, to citizens who request them after making the donation on Eppela.