Area Performance on Catawiki for Ukraine Emergency

On the occasion of Collezionando, an event powered by Lucca Comics & Games, some of the works of the greatest fantasy and science fiction artists, cartoonists and illustrators from around the world are auctioned on Catawiki in favor of Emergency in support of their intervention for the war in Ukraine. The team of doctors and volunteers in the field will offer nursing care, primary medicine and provide psychological assistance.

The Area Performance will put at your disposal a series of magnificent original tables. The proceeds will be donated to Emergency which, as a first intervention, has brought its Politruck, the largest among the mobile clinics, to the emergency areas, to offer assistance to the thousands of elderly people, women and children who are arriving in these days in escape from the war in Ukraine.

In this first phase of their intervention, their field team will offer nursing care, primary care and provide counseling. Thanks to the mobile clinic, they will be able to operate by moving to different places, to follow the needs that the unpredictable situation of the conflict imposes. The auction features some of the most interesting works made at Lucca Comics & Games 2021 and some pieces from previous years.

The online auction will open on Friday 1 April and will end on Saturday 16 April.